hyaluronic delivery masque

Unique masques that are supercharged with hyaluronic acid and glycosaminoglycans for the ultimate in skin hydration and brightening. These masques come in 3 variations to target eyes, neck, and face.

  • Support overall skin health
  • Provides intense hydration and moisturisation to the skin
  • Brightens and evens out skin tone
  • Optimises ingredient delivery for enhanced performance of layered products
  • Revitalises the skin's appearance
  • Contains essential oils of damask rose to soothe and harmonise the skin

Ingredients Built on Innovation


Reduces visible signs of aging by combating inflammation and free radicals.


Delivers intense hydration, helping to smooth the appearance of dehydration lines.


Revitalises lackluster skin and improves the appearance of dull complexions by promoting a radiant and glowing complexion.

Supercharged Nourishment, Hydration & Anti-ageing

Experience unparalleled hydration and brightening with our unique masque system. Infused with potent hyaluronic acid and glycosaminoglycans, this masque deeply nourishes and revitalises the skin. Our proprietary gel sheet, made from marine algae, conforms perfectly to the contours of your face, neck or eyes, delivering the ingredients precisely where they're needed while providing a refreshing, cooling effect. This masque is perfect for use in professional settings or at home to enhance the performance of other products in your skincare routine.

In the Treatment Room

Personal Use
1. Apply your serum to freshly cleansed and/or exfoliated skin.
2. Apply the Hyaluronic Delivery Masque and leave on for up to 20 minutes.
3. Remove masque and apply moisturizer or sunscreen.

Professional Use
1. Start with freshly cleansed and/or exfoliated skin
2. Apply appropriate Accelerate
3. Apply CHROMATIC serum
4. Apply the Hyaluronic Delivery Masque and leave on for up to 20 minutes. 5. Not for use on blemished skin, or with chemical peels.

When would I use Hyaluronic Delivery Face Masque VS. Hyaluronic Repair Face Masque?

Both masques serve important roles within the professional service and home regimen, depending on the desired results during the masque phase; and both masques offer a signature cooling effect, help to deeply hydrate and soothe the skin, and feature anatomically optimised substrates that offer temporary occlusion and contouring to the skin surface.

The Hyaluronic Delivery Face Masque is best suited where a great deal of customisation is desired, via layering of serums and ampoules on specific zones of the face prior to masque application. The Hyaluronic Repair Masque features a more robust, serum-like formula best suited when all over benefits are desired (targeted layering may still be done beneath). This masque’s conduction optimization also makes it well suited to pairing with Bio-Therapeutic microcurrent modalities.