bt-titan® MN Model AE

advanced microexfoliation system

The bt-titan MN Model AE microexfoliation technology delivers a precise and safe application that is tailored to your clients’ exact needs with an exceptional level of control and precision, while avoiding the significant downtime and risks often associated with more aggressive services. Designed to put the professional skin therapist in full control, this technology is fine tuned to deliver noticeable results, with no downtime, and is suitable for most skin types and tones.

  • FDA reviewed and confirmed intended use for skin care professionals.
  • Five variable speeds offer supreme customization.
  • Features our proprietary, single use sterile silicone nano tip cartridges with quick release mechanism.
  • Powerful rechargeable lithium batteries and an optimized motor deliver up to 16,000 RPM and long lasting performance.

Bio-Therapeutic Revolutionizes Microexfoliation

Bio-Therapeutic has reinvented the concept of microneedling by introducing Microexfoliation Technology; a non-invasive service that does not penetrate the living layers of the skin.

Our advanced sterile Nano Tip cartridges offer exceptional results while allowing the professional skin therapist to remain within their legal scope of practice as mandated by many state boards. In fact, the bt-titan MN model AE is unique because it maintains an FDA reviewed and confirmed intended use for skin care professionals, helping to address the unknown risks associated with other technologies.

Our Nano Tip cartridges offer the ultimate in safety, efficacy, and client comfort with self regulating tips made from a proprietary, precision engineered silicone matrix.

Results that Speak for Themselves

The bt-titan MN Model AE has quickly become a favorite amongst professional skin therapists for its exception client results, without the significant downtime associated with other technologies on the market.

Features & Specs

Weight: 120g / 4.25oz (with battery)
Dimensions: 155mm long x 21mm round
Power Supply: Rechargeable lithium battery pack or A/C outlet
Power Source: 100-240V; 50/60Hz
Input Power: 5V DC; 1A
Internal Power: 3.7V
Sterile and disposable single use exfoliation nano tips
Quick release exfoliation tip installation
Five variable speeds, Max RPM: 16,000
Length adjustment between 0mm – 1.5mm
Exclusive internal locking mechanism
IP24 water resistant

Engineered, designed, and assembled at Seattle, Washington corporate headquarters
FDA registered, ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certified medical device manufacturing facility.

The bt-titan MN model AE is a cosmetic exfoliation system. The bt-titan MN model AE does not penetrate the living layers of the skin, and is not intended in the diagnosis of disease or other conditions, or in the cure, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of disease, and is not intended to affect the structure of the human body. Items may vary without notice and are not available in all countries. Please contact Bio-Therapeutic for updated information.

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