Bt-vision 2.0 Face Shield Accessory

Created specifically for skincare professionals, designed to disappear, and weighing nearly nothing, bt-ishield adds a seamless layer of protection to every service.

The bt-ishield accessory for the bt-vision 2.0 retains the fit, feel, and functionality of the bt-vision 2.0 and gains a new level of protection and assurance for the safety of your team and clients. Use of the LED white light and magnification lenses are unchanged. The skin therapist can wear with the frames or with the headband option based on personal preference. Includes one ABS bt-ishield mounting bracket and 2 replaceable clear shields.

Features & Specs

Accessory for the bt-vision 2.0. Available as a kit or a bundle installed on the bt-vision 2.0 and EVA carrying case

Durable ABS mounting bracket

Anti-fog, anti-scratch, replaceable APET plastic shield

Distortion free Easy to clean

Weight: .5oz

Bracket: ABS

Shield: Anti-fog, Anti Scratch, Invisible Clear APET Plastic

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