mini microcurrent facial toning system

The bt-nano is the ultimate mini facial toning system, utilizing our exclusive patented Suzuki Sequencing® platform and convenient preset programming.

This highly compact and versatile award winning equipment is a favorite with advanced skin practitioners, not only for its unparalleled results but for its profitability and versatility for performing short or longer microcurrent facial toning services.

The bt-nano can be easily held in one hand, and economically placed in or out of the treatment room. It positions perfectly in any environment and setting due to its size, portability, and convenience.

  • Compact, convenient and intelligent
  • Utilizes Suzuki Sequencing Technology
  • Battery operated and completely mobile
  • Clear silicone protective skin
  • Weighs 12.8 ounces

Key Features

Compact design, convenient & intelligent (weighs less than 2kgs)

Ideal for stand-alone facial services or as part of a layered technology treatment plan

Compact size enables portability and easy movement between treatment rooms

Harnesses Suzuki Sequencing Technology, complete with all accessories

No post-treatment downtime means clients can get on with their usual daily activities

Patented Intelligent Technology

While there are many modalities, products, and procedures to choose from with regards toage management, there is nothing else available on the market today that has the ability toreinforceandstimulatethemitochondrialike Microcurrent.Bio-Therapeutic is significantly different than any other microcurrent modality on the market today with its patented innovations including:

TWO INDEPENDENT CHANNELS OF FREQUENCYspecific energy that together create an interferential cross current.

BIOFEEDBACK SMART TECHNOLOGY that measures the level of conductivity, resistance and microcoulombs. These three precise measurements allow for Bio-Therapeutic technology to automatically recalibrate its output energy 1024 times per second, which ensures precise and accurate frequency exposure at all times.

Clinically proven toincrease ATP(adenosine triphosphate)production by up to 500%. Improve functions such as collagen, elastin, glycosaminoglycan synthesis and increase blood circulation for profound results on skin texture, luminosity and hydration.

bt-nano results


Weight: 12.8 oz

Dimensions: 6.8” W x 5.0” L x 2.2”H

PowerSupply: 9v Cell Battery

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