Professional Beauty Solutions and Bio-Therapeutic join forces in Australia!

We’re thrilled to announce the joint partnership of Bio-Therapeutic and Professional Beauty Solutions. This marriage will bring you Bio-Therapeutic’s forward-thinking technology, quality education, and lifetime support combined with Professional Beauty Solutions' 360° approach to business success and customer care.

"We’re so excited to partner with Bio-Therapeutic,because they are truly the gold standard in equipment excellence. From full size machines, to super-nimble handhelds, we know our clients are going to find these offerings an exceptional enhancement to their services." Matt & Lisa WilliamsCo-owners of Professional Beauty Solutions

Rewatch our PBS Launch Webinar

Meet Bio-Therapeutic in our exclusive launch,featuring Bio-Therapeutic CEO David Suzuki andProfessional Beauty Solutions co-founders Matt & Lisa Williams.

Featured Technologies To Enhance Your Treatments

1. Multifunctional

bt-micro® fusion PRO

exclusively for professional skin therapists

The ultimate in convenience and portability, the bt-micro fusion PRO combines ultrasonic and microcurrent technologies, making it the ideal companion to every stage of the service.

2. Refine & Smooth with Wet/Dry Microdermabrasion

Bio-Hydroderm® Trinity
wet / dry microdermabrasion

This is truly the next generation of microdermabrasion technology! This cutting edge device offers five options of abrasive diamond tips that sweep over the skin for non irritating exfoliation, while also infusing the skin with skin correcting fluids.

3. Contour with Microcurrent

mini microcurrent facial toning system

The bt-nano delivers the power of Suzuki Sequencing, in a compact, highly-portable format ideal for smaller treatment rooms, or for skin therapists who offer mobile services.

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